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Enhanced Oil Recovery, Additional, and also Tertiary Recovery


Did you know that much of the oil in the ground is still present after key recuperation? In the king’s english that suggests there is still a lot of oil left in a well after Ten Years of pumping. The factor oil production slows is that the all-natural drive that when pressed oil boldy to the wellbore has subsided. Usually, the natural drive is either water or gas in the formation. In this short article, we seek to discuss several of the common boosted or secondary/tertiary approaches of oil recuperation.

With oil hitting new highs on a daily basis, it is clear the expense advantage of making use of innovation to obtain at additional production makes good sense. When oil remained in the $10-20 range, the incremental expense of some enhanced oil recuperation approaches did not make economic sense.

Among the most common secondary recuperation techniques is a waterflood. Basically, a waterflood is a reintroduction of water into the formation to produce a drive to press even more oil to the wellbore. To raise the efficiency of a waterflood, new approaches make use of Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer floods and some travelers are presenting microbes into the wellbore to raise the sweep efficiency of the flooding, both techniques have been met success.

One method I locate very interesting as well as have actually used with success on one oil well is the radial jet improvement. The technology uses jets of high water stress to reduce laterally right into the formation as much as practically 300 feet. The modern technology could be checked out at, request for Steve Bowen if you want making use of the modern technology on a few of your new or old wells.

With 80% of the oil still in the ground after primary healing, there is still lots of meat on the bone for using EOR. New innovations are regularly being evaluated as well as will certainly bring about greater gains in the future. One area I am extremely interested in is brand-new drilling technology. The rotating exploration rig has actually not transformed significantly in 100 years however brand-new advances are coming and we’ll discuss those in future blogs.

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